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Turbo-Aire Fan

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An Overview

  • 53 years of manufacturing experience;               
  • seasonal consumer products of superior quality, innovative design and unrivalled  performance;
  • vertically integrated manufacturing which enables our North American customers  to  repeat, in season, with prompt delivery response;
  • all of the patented cooling fans and heaters which Seabreeze manufactures are  renowned for elevating themselves above the me-too imports to generate excellent  gross margins in a very competitive category;
  • has achieved 100% fulfillment with all national and regional customers.

Seabreeze Electric Corporation is an established brand name in Canada with over fifty years of manufacturing experience.  100% Canadian-owned, the Company was founded in 1945.  From the outset, when Seabreeze began manufacturing phonograph motors in Toronto, the Company has consistently demonstrated its ability to develop and market seasonal consumer products of superior quality, innovative design and unrivalled performance.

Over the last half century, Seabreeze has gained manufacturing expertise in the following products:

  • fractional horsepower A/C motors, both two and four pole;
  • portable electric fans and fan heaters;
  • hi-fi equipment, including reel-to-reel, cassette tape recorders and automatic record  changers under the "Seabreeze" brand, as well as for OEM accounts such as RCA, GE  Motorola and Westinghouse;

With the demise of consumer electronic manufacturing in North America, Seabreeze restructured its operations to concentrate on home comfort products.  Advances in flame retardant resins have allowed the Company to develop precision components which take advantage of this technology.  A significant investment in machinery, equipment and tooling is required to produce these products.

In order to avoid obsolescence, Seabreeze has developed and patented a family of seasonal products which are functional, of excellent quality and possess unique consumer benefits.  The Company is one of the most vertically integrated manufacturers in North America, producing the two and four pole motors which equip both cooling fans, as well as the heating elements for its heater fans.  All coil winding, injection moulding, punch press and final assembly operations are performed in-house.

Seabreeze's assortment of patented seasonal products now includes:

  • "Off the Wall™", North America's only 1500 watt cord free wall mount heater fan, with  patented auxiliary receptacle and automatic safety interlock;
  • "Turbo-Aire™", North America's first aerodynamic air cooling system, delivering over  11,000 CFM of air per minute, uses less than 100 watts of energy and is whisper quiet  on all three speeds;
  • "Heat Sweep™", North America's only 1500 watt pulse action heater fan which spreads  a curtain of warmth across a room 45 times per minute to warm an entire living  space room more quickly than conventional oscillating or straight blow heaters;
  • "Cool Sweep™", North America's first "childproof" pulse action cooling fan with four  enclosed louvres and no external moving parts; "Cool Sweep" is the only oscillating fan  available which can be used as a desk top, wall mount or hassock style to maximize air  distribution;

Production Capability
Seabreeze currently employs fifty full-time employees in its modern 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  The Company has the capacity to produce over 40,000 finished units per month on one shift.

Quality Control and Certification
The Company's quality control procedures and production processes have been approved (and are continuously monitored) by Underwriters Laboratories, as well as by Canadian Standards Association.

All products are CSA and CSA us approved.

Seabreeze only uses prime resin from approved original manufacturers.

Fulfillment Capabilities
Under NAFTA, there is no duty on exports from Canada.

Seabreeze has warehousing facilities in Buffalo, New York, to avoid border delays and paperwork.           

The Company has full EDI capabilities, including Purchase Order, Purchase Order Changes, Functional Acknowledgements, Advance Shipping Notice and MH10 Labels.

Liability Insurance
Seabreeze carries Comprehensive Liability Insurance of $1,000,000. with Gerling Global Insurance Company.  Our coverage includes an additional $4,000,000. Umbrella Liability Excess of $1,000,000.


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