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Model SF12ST

North America's only outlet mountable 1500 watt heater requiring no tools to install

  • protected by patent #6,048,215 this exclusive design is ideal for bed and bathroom comfort
  • Maximum weight that is allowed by Underwriters Laboratories and the CSA for direct receptacle mounted heaters is 28 ounces. This restricts size, wattage and features. The Seabreeze invention overcomes weight limitations by utilizing the receptacle's outer structure to bear the weight. In the process, one outlet is disarmed by inserting the patented plug lock, which fastens the mounting bracket. No tools (or electricians) are required and the bracket can be installed on receptacles, regardless of the position of the installation.

An auxiliary outlet, with a patented automatic interlock to prevent electrical overload, limits heater output to 1000 watts when a low wattage appliance is plugged in.

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    Model SF12ST
    (shaver shown not included)

    Patented technology that automatically adjusts motor speed to watts selected, therefore the exit air temperature remains almost constant at 1500 or 1000 watts
  • Once desired room comfort level is reached, 1000 watt is usually sufficient to maintain comfort level
  • Whisper quiet –steady warm air flow

Energy Saving

  • Energy is saved when the output temperature at 1000 watts feels the same as at 1500 watts –this is the Thermaflo   advantage!
  • With conventional single speed fan heaters, the output temperature drops 33% when operated at 1000 watts. This is due to the air velocity remaining constant, while the element delivers 33% less heat

Here's how to turn down your thermostat and use the Thermaflo thermostat to maintain your personal comfort!

  1. Push power switch to "ON".
  2. Turn thermostat maximum clockwise;
  3. Push heat switch to "HI" - both power lights will illuminate
  4. When comfort level is reached, turn thermostat counter-clockwise until the unit turns off.
  5. Turn heat switch to "LO". Leave at this setting. Only green light will illuminate

You are now in Energy Saving Thermaflo mode.


  • Cool touch cabinet
  • Manual reset cut-off device
  • Back-up heat fuse
  • Power light provides visible reminder of operating mode


Seabreeze "No Glow" high tech heating element delivers 5120 BTU's of heat...no other portable 120 volt heater delivers more heat!

Model Number




UPC Code

063635  001224

Lithograph Carton Measurement

10.65"W x 10.36"H x 4.5"D


3.5 LBS

Master Pack


Master Pack Carton

21.3"W x 10.36"H x 13.5"D

Master Pack Weight

21 LBS


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