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Model SF6000TA - "Contempro" styling - ideal for all home and office environments.

>Smart< Thermaflo technology:

  • saves energy by automatically adjusting heat output in Thermaflo mode to maintain desired room comfort level;
  • automatically reduces heat output and synchronizes the fan speed, resulting in whisper quiet operation as the room comfort level is reached.

1. Push switch "on"
2. Turn thermostat maximum clockwise
3. When comfort level is reached, turn thermostat counter-clockwise until RIGHT element light turns off. Leave at this setting.

You are now in >Smart< Thermaflo mode.

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Model SF6000TA

 >Smart< Thermaflo senses when the room temperature reaches the pre-set comfort level to automatically engage Thermaflo to the 1000 watts setting.


Should the room temperature drop, >Smart<Thermaflo will automatically sense at which heat level it must operate to maintain the comfort level.


Whisper quiet, hands free operation makes >Smart< Thermafloideal for use wherever zone heating is required. By dialling down your central thermostat to only heat the room in which you are in, >Smart< Thermaflocan save additional heating costs.

  • No external moving parts - safe for operation around children and pets
  • Exclusive pulse action design, protected by US patent # 4,473,737, raises the temperature of an average sized room 14oF in just 20 minutes!
  • Thermal heat protector, incorporated in heating element, acts as a back-up safety device in the unlikely event of manual reset thermostat failure;
  • Cool touch cabinet moulded in flame retardant polymer, safe for children and pets;
  • Power lights provide a visible reminder that the unit is "on".

Thermaflo incorporates the most advanced innovation of the 21st century in heating technology.

Heaters deliver more intense heat in
Thermaflo (1000watt) setting by synchronizing fan speed with heat output;


The No Glow high tech heating element delivers 5120 BTU's of heat... no other portable 120 volt heater delivers more heat!

Model Number




UPC Code

063635 060009

Lithograph Carton Measurement

13.25"W x 11"H x 11"D


4.5 LBS

Master Pack


Master Pack Carton

13.25"W x 11"H x 22"D

Master Pack Weight



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