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A revolutionary breakthrough in heater technology......
- so advanced it's patented worldwide!

Saves up to 33% Energy

  • Automatically selects heat output to maintain room comfort level
  • Automatically synchronizes fan speed to heat output for more intense heat

>Smart< Thermaflo technology:

  • saves energy by automatically adjusting heat output in Thermaflo mode to maintain desired room comfort level;
  • automatically reduces heat output and synchronizes the fan speed, resulting in whisper quiet operation as the room comfort level is reached.

>Smart< Thermaflo senses when the room temperature reaches the pre-set comfort level to automatically engage Thermaflo to the 1000 watts setting.

Should the room temperature drop, >Smart< Thermaflo will automatically sense at which heat level it must operate to maintain the comfort level.

Whisper quiet, hands free operation makes >Smart< Thermaflo ideal for use wherever zone heating is required. By dialling down your central thermostat to only heat the room in which you are in, >Smart< Thermaflo can save additional heating costs.

The No Glow high tech heating element delivers 5120 BTU's of other portable 120 volt heater delivers more heat!

>Smart< ThermafloMODELS:



Cord Free "
Off the Wall"™








Cordless "
Off the Wall"™

Slim Line"™ w/ carrying handle





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